Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Progress: T4

New idea for the thesis book! I am taking this in the direction of a swatch ring/book. Each section of 'swatches' will pertain to an individual work and the documentation that went into that process. Some will be front and back.

This is how each layout will be organized.

-the introduction of each section (focus) and on the back it will explain what part of the quote it is, the number, and materials.
- next swatch will be a quick intro, description, background, etc on the method.
- next will be documentation of the process.
-step by step execution and direction, either on the back side of the first documentation swatch, or on the back of the second, (depending on how many photos are necessary for each method)
-then one large photo of documentation
-the final pieces

At the end I would like to include as many material swatches as I can. Some methods will not be able to get a swatch, but I want to get as many as I can on there.

The binding will be on a ring clip, such as a swatch ring or book is.

The swatch/sample ring makes sense for this project mostly because everything is so bare bones. The final works themselves look somewhat raw as well. This ring book is just like a break down of everything in the project and everything used. If the viewer is interested in the materials or piece they can easily sift through the swatches and find the info. Also it is like flipping through materials and just a more interesting way of doing a thesis book.

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