Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Degree Project: Update

Refined question:

How can an exploration of printmaking techniques encourage designers to bring their projects outside the computer?

project goals

  • explore at least 10-15 different methods of analogue processes
  • explore multiple textures, fabrics, surfaces, materials, mediums, etc.
  • challenge photoshop with real life execution
  • increase my knowledge as a printer and designer by combining and researching both
  • encourage more analogue work and hand done processes
  • undecided still, thinking more of a showing, maybe a display in studio or an installation

  • designers who have always wanted to get outside the computer


Week 2
  • continue research
  • gather materials, think of project
  • get a good idea of easy ways to start
Weeks 3-5
  • work, explore, beginning trial and error
Week 6
  • look at what I have, continue exploring
  • start to mix and match processes
Week 7
  • get more feedback
  • establish themes possibly
Week 8
  • Nearing end
  • work more
  • merch?
Week 9-10

  • Wrapping up, starting to think about finishing designs and processes
  • think about display, arrangement, context
Week 11-12
  • Presentation and documentation design

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