Thursday, January 28, 2016

Progress Post: Establishing Processes

Experimental art is very vague, as we all know. It ranges from any medium to....anything else really. For my degree project though I would like to experiment with multiple processes and mediums but some what limit it to print processes. Revolving around the idea that 'better design starts outside the computer.'

I am not sure what the final outcome will be though. It could be a
  • poster series
  • one big poster with multiple print process or materials overlapping it creating multiple textures and images.
  • a collection of examples of print techniques
  • real life photoshop examples
  • tutorials of some sort
As for processes I would like to experiment with
  • sun bleach poster
  • print with food
  • using bleach to extract pigment or color from a material
  • printing with meat textures, slices of meat
  • impression printing or impressions in general
  • thinking about textures and touch
  • thinking about the five senses
  • printing on wallpaper
  • paper stencil spray paint on flowers
  • mixing paper types, making one big pieces of paper and print of it.
For now though I am focusing on what kind of imagery I can use to make a theme or how everything can connect in the end, outside of the realm of every process just being meshed together on one big poster.

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