Sunday, January 31, 2016

Degree Project: Refinement and Moving Foward

Question: How can an exploration of print techniques and analogue process encourage designers to start outside the computer...

By experimenting with print techniques, mediums and materials, I plan to create a collection of work that showcases the unique outcome of analogue processes. I want to make people aware that everything design and the programs that come with it are all based on history and analogue processes.

Processes/Techniques/Methods considered

  • faded poster color by leaving it in the sun, thus burning an image into the paper through the fade.
  • using bleach to remove pigment from textiles to create an image
  • relief print using various objects
  • printing on wallpaper
  • mixing paper types to make a large piece of paper
  • bleach leather
  • encaustic monoprints
  • using wax and a stencil to create an image
  • etching into persperex glass and paint stripper
  • texture rubbings
  • decoupage/wheatp aste/collage

For research I have been looking at types of printmaking and experimental installation. 

I was also looking at the elements that design and printmkaing share
  • basic elements of design are:
    • line
    • shape
    • form
    • color
    • space
    • texture
  • these same principles can be applied not only to printmaking but many other art forms
etching on perspex glass with paint stripper

encaustic monoprint

Final Delivery:
I am still unsure what the final delivery should be. Possible a collection or show of some sort. Possible a series that connected that a central theme. I could make merchandise as well. I think the exploration will start to generate ideas.

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