Friday, November 6, 2015

Degree Project Start

So I took a questionnaire from the previous degree project class. It was basically a super quick interrogation of your hobbies, interests, concerns and desires. This list of twenty-five, thirty second questions made me think on my feet and answer mostly the first thing that came to mind. Some keywords that came up were: music, posters, print, color, typography, intricate, and other things of that nature. I took all that in and started to apply it to the idea of a degree project.
I had to first settle on what a degree project is. I feel it is a chance to explore something in design that you find interesting, while at the same it, is something you love. A chance to say this is what I am interested in and want to do. So I thought about my keywords and started to combine them.
I would like to explore the lighter side of design. The fun, good hearted, do it just because you love it part of it. I initially got into design just for the fun of it. It was never something I imagined to be doing for a career. I started by looking at album artwork and posters mostly. I was always curious about the production process, the final result, the stories behind the music, etc. etc. I then attended PCAL and Kidwell was my teacher. PCAL gave me a chance to have some fun, design for fun, learn some good principles and go back home to do it on my own. So I just kept doing it for fun in my free time for things I just enjoyed.
I would like to re-explore the notion of naive design. Sort of revolving around that idea of “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I would like to engage an audience of creatives that do work because they love it. They work for good and honest reason, people who are proud of their work. I want to be proud of my own work and what I do with the rest of my life So overall I want to create a large body of work, varying in style and exploration of graphic design and its many many outlets.

I have not decided fully how to go about this. It could be a blurb book, it could be a series of posters, designs, various constructions, and processes. When I first got into design/art in general I just kept exploring, and I would like to get to the root of that through my design project. I will be reviewing this questionnaire a couple more times to focus in on a final direction but this is the general scope of my project for now.

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