Monday, September 21, 2015

MX: Location

We have decided to go with the West Bottoms for the location of our event, the third platform. It is large and some what empty, pretty central to Kansas City area, and there is a lot of open space already while still being home to other local businesses.

These blocks specifically are probably our best shot.  Empty lots with a combination of other businesses already there. It is right off the 12th street bridge and seemed to work well for BLVDIA.

We went back and forth between the Crossroads and West Bottoms though. Crossroads have more studios there and may be a a bit more central but there would be no room to bring in tents or set up much besides the pre-existing studios. As well as blocking off the Crossroads would be a challenge.

West Bottoms is in worse condition and could use some love, plus there is space available and some studios already there. Blocking it off would be much more attainable as well.

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