Sunday, September 27, 2015

Visual Advocacy Response

Shepard Fairey Reading:

I think that Shepard Fairey is a good artist, he has good intentions as well. His form of art just happens to be in the form of vandalism. But because of that, his message is even stronger. It is one thing to advocate for people to rebel or not obey but it another thing to advocate for that as well as participate in the vandalism and sort of rebellion itself. Because of this I think that he is true in what he creates art for. I can understand other people who think that he is pompous and thinks he is above the law or it is okay to just go around vandalizing walls and signs. 

True Cost:

I think that Kalle makes a lot of really good points throughout this interview. It is important to consider how to reduce the costs of things, hit on efficiency, as well as go green. I think bio-mimicry is also something that is on the rise. Architects are designing buildings that are basically doubling as green houses and produces its own energy, as well as grass bridges across highways for animals safety. There are so many ideas for that field these days, I believe that it will be a big thing in the upcoming years. 

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