Thursday, September 24, 2015

Visual Advocacy: 3 Big Ideas

Big Ideas and Things to Think About

  1. Create a way finding  system for the park. It is 303 acres with practically no directional signage. Hiking trails are easily lost or go unnoticed, no branding for around the park or signage for that, disc golf course is confusing to follow. There is also an opportunity to create some informational signs along the drive, giving information on length, location, activities, nature, etc. This solution would do a couple of things. Legitimize the look of the park and historic drive, create awareness of its historical importance, and all that it has to offer.                       
  2. Design and present a campaign to raise awareness for the park. This campaign would emphasize the parks attractions, location, history, volunteer information, etc. Through this awareness people might visit the park more often, and could bring in people from downtown as well. This campaign could be a general "come to our park" campaign or could be one of the plans that the board members have for a future plan.                                                                           
  3. Create a new event or enhance pre-existing events. By doing this the park would have to be well maintained and so would the drive. The good thing of working with an existing project is that we automatically gain an audience. But a new event could bring in a brand new audience that could be bigger and more involved. Either way by promotion an event of some sort the drive would have another reason to be cared for and add to its history. There are currently walks, bike races, long boarding, disc golf, and rocking climbing that go on along the drive. It could be one of those, or all of those, have a day on the drive of some sort.                                          
No matter what direction we take this we will most likely have to create a brand identity for the the park and drive. Possibly the surrounding area too, it depends on who is sending all this out because The park is looked after by the Scarrett Renaissance Neighborhood Organization I think.

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