Thursday, September 10, 2015

Overall Statement of Process Thus Far

So far the process for my logo has been a tad difficult. In the beginning I just started sketching, then doing lino cuts and then printing. While I had a lot to work with and the potential for many directions I still was unsure of which one to pick or if any of them would work out. I'm glad I went in my current direction though. It feels solid to me and a recognizable and unique way of approaching the brand. 

Instead of going with a new modern look, I merely spruced up their classic bar/pub look. While adding new imagery and colors I feel it still keeps to the classic feel of bar culture. The main imagery is a hop, the main/fundamental ingredient in making beer. The style that it is rendered in is hand carved and printed linoleum block. The rays around the hop give it some sort of glorification and hold it up in high regards. The style makes it feel older though, it gives the viewer the feeling that this company has been around for a long time and is old fashioned. Kind of like in Wolf of Wall Street when Dicaprio introduces the new name and backstory to their stock business. 

The next step is to begin applying to collateral, which I feel will entail more old fashioned processes. Whether it be hand painted signs or wall paintings, chalk boards, mugs as opposed to glasses, a different shaped beer bottle than your normal bud light looking bottle, letterpress business cards, wood burning methods, etc. I just have to decide what is working best. 

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