Monday, August 31, 2015

Response to Reading

Four Criteria for a definition of Theory of Sense of Community

  1. the definition needs to be explicit and clear
  2. it should be concrete
  3. represent the warmth and intimacy implicit of the term
  4. dynamic description of the development and maintenance of the experience
Four elements

  1. Membership
    • this element entails lots of different aspects. it is said to involve boundaries and the ideas of belonging.
    • emotional safety
    • the sense of belonging and identification
    •  personal investment
  2. Influence

    • 1. Members are more attracted to a community in which they feel that they are

      2. There is a significant positive relationship between cohesiveness and a com-
      munity's influence on its members to conform. Thus, both conformity and community
      influence on members indicate the strength of the bond.

      3. The pressure for conformity and uniformity comes from the needs of the in-
      dividual and the community for consensual validation. Thus, conformity serves as a
      force for closeness as well as an indicator of cohesiveness.

      4. Influence of a member on the community and influence of the community on
      a member operate concurrently, and one might expect to see the force of both operating
      simultaneously in a tightly knit community.

  3. Integration and Fulfillment of Needs
    • this is important because, as the article said it is reinforcement. Reinforcement is important in design because of the fact that something needs to be physically and conceptually backed up.
    • it goes both ways, community is a give and take so that both parties get what they need.
  1. Shared Emotional Connections
    • having a shared emotional connection is also super important. It can happen through a shared experience or history, general interaction with people, and just continually developing that connection, a spiritual connection, etc.
  1. Dynamics within the Elements
  2. Dynamic among the Elements

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