Monday, August 24, 2015

Multimedia Experience - First Article, The Future Imperfect: Design and Foresight

This article is a good insight to how as humans, we have a desire to compact, innovate, and develop what we already have. One day someone decided to encompass hundreds of everyday devices all into a phone or computer, and from then on, things have only gotten pushed further and their capabilities with them. I think the questions proposed such as: What does it improve? What does it introduce? What does is obsolesce? are all questions that need to be asked and thought about extensively. So with those questions in mind and good intentions, technology, design, and human culture almost have no bounds.

But technology would be no where without human culture, social trends, and our desires in urban cultures for more stuff. Techs, coders, and engineers could have always made the iPhone or new devices that help our lives but without the desire to make it compatible with us, something we want to use and interact with or based on our social trends these devices would have had not as much impact or the consumer wouldn't have cared as much.

So of course, technology and social behavior and trends over lap and will always influence each other. It is our job as designers though to create an over lap where usefulness, joy, and excitement all meet.

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