Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ideas for Challenges Facing Kansas City

Off the top of my head and from what I've noticed by living in Kansas city, these are couple challenges that I think the city and community faces.

1. Building renovation and repurpose.
There are a lot of buildings, schools, stores, etc that are run down or out of business. Some of them probably are not even that hard to fix up or renovate. I think that repurposing them to relocate families or businesses would be a great help to the city and community. I bet it costs less to fix up some old buildings than build brand new ones.

2. Safe Travel at Night
I think just a bit more security or even an actual neighborhood watch would be a nice way to make people feel more comfortable walking at night, especially in strange or unfamiliar neighborhoods. I know a lot of people that don't like to go out at night or don't feel safe walking. There are some strange people lurking about, I will say.

3. Employment and Housing Combination
Some people have jobs but still cannot afford to live in their own homes by just working one job. Wouldn't it be kind of cool if some companies supplied housing or apartment complexes. Maybe the rent could be part of their wage or a tax or something. It is kind of how schools supply dorms or for KCAI, Chequers. Co-workers could be roommates or their could be communal kitchens or bathrooms. Sounds kind of weird but it could provide a lot of opportunities and decent living spaces for people.

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