Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Find+Share - Community

Zz School was created in 2014 by Erin Zona. This 'school' aims to promote public art and a new interaction between artists and educators. Workshops are held around town that give students the ability to learn printmaking skills that are not always available in school or available to them outside of school. They focus heavily on community projects and conceptual thought. I think that something like this could be interesting to combine with an all inclusive platform that extends from the computer, to an app, to other potential devices. 

By engaging with local shop owners, educators, and students Zz School has opened up new doors to printers in the community. I think it is interesting because this is a rare form of community driven work using almost no technology except for their website. But they are still pretty dang successful. From creating tiny letterpress shops to just type setting or making posters Zz School is a good example of people from the community working together.

I think that this idea of local artists coming together to advance conceptually and technical skills would be a good jumping off point for this project.

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