Friday, August 28, 2015

Design Systems: Starting to ask questions

Starting a rebrand is a task that requires a lot of questions to be asked. I think that there are a lot of ways to go for this project, and here are some questions I have been asking myself.

  • Why does 75th Street Brewery need a rebrand?
    • Well, its logo is a little rough, it doesn't seem cohesive, and could use a more fresher color palette, some type work, and some new icons or symbols.
  • Who is the audience I am speaking to?
    • beer drinkers
    • restaurant goers
    • local KC residents
  • What type of imagery would make the most sense?
    • beer
    • wheat
    • bottles
    • distilling tanks
    • liquid
    • food
    • pint glasses
    • bottle caps
    • bar taps
  • What does my business do?
    • they are a restaurant and brewery. 
  • How can I involve the brewing process into my brand?
  • What does my establishment look like?
    • It is pretty old and their website seems to not be working so I will just be going there myself to scope it out

Ofcourse these are all just starter questions and will be expanded.

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