Friday, August 28, 2015

Design Systems - 75th Street Brewery

For my rebrand I want to go with 75th Street Brewery. It is deep rooted in Kansas City, it a restaurant and brewery and KC is a beer city hands down. It is due for a revamp though, while the inside is beautiful I believe there can be more done with it. I am also excited to work in this area because there are so many directions to consider and so many directions that could be taken!

This is their current logo.

This is their current logo. I think that it's pretty dated and could definitely use some fixing up. A breath of fresh design air if you will. I think it is trying to hard to look like a beer logo, using a distilling tank, wheat, and a bottle cap. Maybe it doesn't need that much imagery. It could be simplified and refined I think. 

There is a lot to do with beer as well, a lot of imagery to work with and a lot of collateral as well. Collateral ideas so far are:

  • bottle caps
  • stickers
  • new labels
  • beer tap handles
  • bottle openers
  • shirts
  • koozies
  • trays
  • menus
  • those bottle opener magnet things?
  • patches
  • posters
  • and all that jazz
Here is a quick initial note taking, keywords, and rough sketches (super rough)

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