Monday, August 31, 2015

Continuing Research and Furthering Progress

Project and Team Members
  • Cliff Drive, Larry Fulcher
Background Research
  • We have researched Cliff Drive in North East Kansas City. It is Missouri's only scenic bi way. The problem is that it has become a territory for drug use, trash dumping, prostitution, and makes the citizens feel in danger. The Cliff Drive organization is wanting to close the gates so there can be no more dumping and that hopefully becomes safer for hikers and cyclists. 
  • There are many people who care about this drive and want to see it restored to its original glory. The surrounding  neighborhoods and area is also very historic, being a battle ground from the Civil War, as well as inhabiting many old buildings that are also now museums.
Who to Make Contact With
  • We are currently in contact with the Cliff Drive Organization. Specifically Will Royster, Brett Shoffner and anyone else we can in that organization.
  • We will also talking to the community in the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Urban Trail Co.
Possible Solutions
  • Create more signage along the path.
  • Pamphlets, Legends, Information Boards, indicating trails, land marks, nature, etc.
  • Clean up initiative. Clean up all the dumped garbage.
  • More patrolling officers, guards, or volunteers to keep the trail safe.
  • Bring more events to Cliff Drive so that people will be more excited to go there.
  • Increase awareness for pre-existing organizations.

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