Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cliff Drive Research

3-5 Ideas

  • Signage/Way finding
    • creating a system for new signs, way finding, and information throughout Cliff Drive.
    • Positives are: increased signage and knowledge, safety for the road itself.
  • Map/Activity Guide
    • A brochure or pamphlet that makes citizens aware of the activities, landmarks, foliage, and other information about the drive. 
  • Cleanup Campaign
    • A proposed campaign, possibly full across the board interface, branding, applications etc. for a Cliff Drive clean up program. 
  • Organized Event/Calendar of Events
    • There are many possible activities and events that could take place at Cliff Drive. Such as: Cycling, disc golf, fishing, running, hiking, time trials, and skateboarding.
    • Create an organized event calendar plus an app that helps bring all these things together.
    • There is also the possibility to create new events!
  • Increased Awareness for Pre-existing Organizations
    • There are a lot of people that and organizations that use Cliff Drive as a weekly or monthly gathering place for activities.
    • This could be an opportunity to promote those organizations.


From our research we have learned that between the surrounding neighborhoods, the citizens that use Cliff Drive, historical reasons, etc. Cliff Drive was and can be again, a very important and useful part of Kansas City. It's current condition is not very good. It is a sight used for dumping trash, illegal activities, and drugs. There are organizations that use the park for activities already, plus many people in the neighborhoods that like to use it for walking, exploring, hiking, etc. 

Needless to say, Cliff Drive could become a central point of North East KC and return to its original glory. There is no reason why a quick clean up, a couple brochures, activities calendars, some new signage or any of the above ideas couldn't work. It is attainable and already in action.


Audience #1
  • Cliff Drive Organization
  • Scarritt Neighborhood 
  • Citizens in the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Hikers, cyclists, skateboards, disc golf players
Audience #2
  • Families visiting parks
  • people outside the area
  • active park visitors
Stake Holders
  • Cliff Drive Organization
Who is Affected

  • Scarritt Neighborhood Residents
  • park visitors
  • Cliff Drive Association
How are they related to each other?
  • Every single one of these groups uses Cliff Drive for a certain reason. By keeping the drive open and allowing people to dump their trash there, sell drugs, or other illegal activities it will continually deprive the neighborhood of good times, a strong community, and decrease the reputation of this historic path.
  • Also, each community is connected to each other in a way or form. Cliff Drive organizations are run by and have members in the community.
  • By bringing them together we can make a greater community and increase the relationship between these citizens, organizations, groups, etc.

Needs for each audience
  • For community and active park goers, this will create a safe, active, and fun environment for themselves, their families, neighbors, and other people of the public.
  • The organizations will benefit by finally getting their proposals and ideas completed and heard.
Supporting Change
  • By making Cliff Drive a safe place to explore and use, the community will only benefit. It supports local activities and put away the idea of Cliff Drive being a dangerous place to visit. 
  • Cleaning up the surrounding area will also help the Cliff Drive Organization. 
  • By closing the gates people will be able to safely travel, hike, walk etc. throughout the path.

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