Friday, April 10, 2015

Reading Response

This article goes over all the things you need to do in order to prep for a job application. When I got my first resume all drafted up and a cover letter template I started sending it out like wildfire I feel. Which was a mistake I guess but did get me some interviews and opportunities.

My first draft of my resume got me an internship at Normal Human, an internship at Reactor, and an interview with BR that I am still waiting to hear back from.

This doesn't mean though that these seven things are not crucial to applying for jobs. I learned that it is important to

1. consider where you are at currently, are you happy? do you want to move on? is this your first big step into the professional world? if it is you better represent yourself well.

2. make sure all your content is in check. make sure there are no typos, your grammar is on point, you have a cohesive and story to tell with your portfolio.

3.  get your online presence up to date. make sure, once again, that everything looks clean, cohesive, proper, and professional.

4. get online! in general get on lots of social media, linkedin, twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. as we enter the digital world you want your name in search engines as much as you can.

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