Sunday, April 5, 2015

Progress for Picnic App

Our concept so far relates to the ideas of building/puzzles/constructing. Basically the object of our app and activities is to fill up your picnic basket. The user would have to go from sculpture to sculpture and complete the challenges at each sculpture on their phone. When each challenge is completed the user receives a piece of fruit, food or drink that will go into their picnic basket. The users picnic basket is full after all the challenges are completed. 

The challenges are strategy, puzzle, building, and construction based. We were thinking things like connect the dots, a snap to place game where the user would fill in the empty spaces with pieces from the sculpture, jigsaw puzzle, etc. 

These different challenges or games could be tailored towards children and adults. A difficulty could be chosen and for example, if a child clicks easy then a puzzle might be 10 pieces while the puzzle on hard could be 25 pieces. 

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