Monday, March 2, 2015

Refined Persona and Concept

Our previous persona seemed to give us some issues in terms of developing a concept. We decided to go with a new persona that allowed for more freedom in terms of creativity and concept. Our broad subject is to touch on police misconduct. The goals of our project is broken down into 3 main goals:

make law enforcement reevaluate the situations they are faced with
inspire the youth by exposure
make youth aware about this specific social issue

The location for our spacial project is in Chicago in an area that sees a diverse amount of traffic. Our ideal placement would be by the Chicago museum to act as sort of art piece that could be mobile. This area is surrounded by 3 different colleges, the aquarium, Soldier field, Wriggly field, a few parks, and the Chicago police headquarters. There would be a mass of people including tourist, students, and policemen alike. 

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