Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reading Response: 64 Interview Questions

I'm just going to dive right into this and talk about some questions that stuck out to me.

1. "Tell me about yourself" Good advice for this, I always feel like everyone is telling their life story at the first chance they get. You ask how's it going and they just go on and on about themselves and every detail. Most people don't have the attention span for that though. We just need the basics. I don't think I have ever delved into my entire past unless it was relevant or brought up in an interview. If you get the job there will be plenty of time to get to know everyone there and their life stories.

2. "What are your strengths" There is a clear way to state your strengths without being egotistical. I really get annoyed by people who just brag all the time. I have no problem with people being successful or talking about their accomplishments but when it has no reason or theya re just saying to say it, it gets annoying. Especially if I have heard the person say the same story over and over and over again just to a different audience.

3. "What are your weaknesses" I am always nervous when someone asks me what my weaknesses are. Mostly because I don't feel right about lieing in an interview. I usually have always tried to say something that doesn't even relate to the current job or something like that.

4.  "Why are you leaving" i have never been put in this situation, usually I am not fired or let go or have a job while applying for another, especially internships. I do know not to bad mouth previous employers though, it is just bad karma.

5.  "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" This question has always got me. It is hard to seem motivated to be successful without the hinting thought of leaving this new position behind, which you don't want to do. This is a really good strategy to claim "future accomplishments will handle themselves." I think i would go with a vague "I'd like to do as much as can in the future, it just depends on how well I do here."

6.  "Tell me about your last boss" What a sneaky question. Obviously we should stay positive to show that you don't put people down the first chance you get.

7. "How do you feel about working for a younger person" No doubt about it, just say you don't mind. You understand qualifications and that age groups do not apply to qualifications. If someone is truly better than you, then just realize that. If you think otherwise, get the job and then prove them wrong.

8.  "What would you do differently" I would just answer this with a "There have been some ups and downs, but nothing I would change. Because I wouldn't be here today if I did anything differently.

9. "Can you work under pressure" This is a critical question and even a more critical answer. Yes. Yes you can. Yes you will. Yes you have. Prove it, and move on.

10. "Who inspires you" Man I have looked up to a lot of people. Almost to the point that I might as well group them into what kind of characters or traits inspire more than the people. Luckily for me though I have some inspiring people in my life and wouldn't have a problem coming up with some inspiring and credible names that have truly effected my life and views.

11. "Have you been absent form work" This is tricky overall. These days people can come up with just about any excuse for being late, excused early, or just not showing up. I try not do that unless I have a really good reason. I think that some people are lazy and won't make the effort to be early or on time, and other people do understand that. I just try to be early and on time for mot things, unless I know I can be late or that nothing will go wrong truly.

12.  "What changes would you make" I just agree all over with traps, reasons, and best answers for this question. This is a hard question to answer, it has so much opportunity to screw you over in like 20 different ways. The best answers are definitely.....the best answers.

13.  "Im afraid you don't have the qualifications we are looking for" No way. I think I would have good reason to argue the question. In a mild tempered way of course. I think, along with the best answers form the article, explaining that I wouldn't be applying for the job if I didn't feel qualified."

14. "How do you feel about relocating" I feel like this is a lose lose question. I would just have to say I am open to it if it gets me the job. I would definitely explain it would have to be in reason though. I mean if it was really an issue I would hope they would preface that in the interview or in the ad for interviewees.

15. "What if your boss' idea stinks" I agree with going with integrity. It shows that you are true to your profession and want to do the best work possible. This doesn't mean though that you need to be rude and shut the idea down completely. Be positive. But state the problems.

16. "What would you do if a fellow employee is doing a bad job" This question is important because there seems to always be those one or two people that just don't get it. They don't understand hard work or pulling your weight. It is also hard for me ton confront people but I guess the best way to fix this problem is confront it. It seems really difficult for me and I don't want to be rude so I guess I would take baby steps to fixing the problem.

17.  "Have you ever considered starting your own company" No matter what any article says I would have to rely on integrity for this answer. I want to seem motivated and them to know I have ideas and goals as well. But that doesn't mean I need to make it seem like I want to leave their company by any means.


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