Monday, March 9, 2015

PSA Progress and Refinement

After much refining Chris and I came up with a list of objectives. The first was to truly define our project into one statement. That helped us define what was going to happen in this space. The step-by-step lead us into the visuals and how we envisioned the infographs. Our cause would be backed by the ACLU's Racial Awareness Program to provide an ethos driven appeal and relevant place to donate. 

Project Statement

Stop racial profiling by inspiring others (through infographs) to raise awareness to their communities using various visuals (stickers, posters, buttons etc.) while supporting the ACLU’s Racial Injustice Program, in hope of making cops who go to these areas more aware of their actions. 

Step by Step
  1. Experience our visuals (various infographs) 
  2. Become motivated by visuals and purchase “the box” 
    1. “the box” contains stickers, posters, buttons, patches, etc. that raise awareness for change against racial profiling
    2. proceeds goes to the ACLU's Racial Awareness Program 
  3. Saturate social media with the message spread via “the box” and its contents
  4. Convince law enforcement to realize that the people have a voice and make them “think twice” about their actions
The infographs would be displayed on a mobile truck with a large screen displaying visual analogies pertaining to racial profiling. The truck would be mobile and still display information while in transit. When stopped at a certain location (Chicago) the storage tank would expand with doors and the screen would pay the same information as in transit. When stopped there would be an opportunity to talk to a representative and purchase "the box."

Storage Container Ideas 

Statistics and visual representations
21/25  Victims of the first half of 2014 in Chicago that were black 

From 2009-2013 75% of police shooting victims in black


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