Tuesday, March 31, 2015



Life Hack Problem

Raising a dog can be hard, there is not always time to feed them, secure them in their kennel, or even have an idea of how their health is doing. Sometimes people are unable to do these things on a proper schedule due to jobs or errands while raising a puppy. Establishing a food schedule, diet, sleep schedule, etc are important when raising a puppy or even taking care of a new dog. 

The Thing

A smart kennel that is attached with a programmable lock that can unlock and lock on a timer. Attached to a motor on the hinges, this door can fully open and close. As well as be set to a timer, maybe you don't mind that your dog is up and around the house before you want to get up in the morning.

It also has two containers on the side for food and water, these can be set on timers as well as have set amounts that will dispense the food or water as programmed, to maintain a diet or schedule for your growing puppy. 

One added feature to track dog health, sleep patterns, breathing, etc. is a mat that lays on the bottom of the kennel. Much like smart yoga mats or baby mats, this mat will track your dogs habits and suggest new diets, new sleep hours, etc.

Settings can be controlled manually at the kennel or through an app on a smart phone.


Dog owners (for puppies, adopted dogs, or untrained dogs)




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