Friday, March 6, 2015

Interview Questions for UX

  1. Where were you born/currently live?
  2. Is there a disturbance of police authority in either of those areas?
  3. (if they are studying politics) What area of politics are you most interested in?
  4. So what area (if any) of politics are you interested in?
    1. and how does that pertain to the justice system, police corruption, racial profiling, etc.?
  5. Have you ever personally been a part of an incident where the police were intolerant or not understanding to the situation?
    1. was it race related, or just unfair in general?
  6. Have there been any incidents that you have read about or seen online that really disturb you about how police are acting or if people are being treated fairly? (if they answer Mike Brown, ask for anything else)
  7. Do you think that police act corruptly based on: a superiority complex, a racial issue, or maybe because they are just afraid, etc.?
  8. Did you know that a large amount of police departments around the US don’t even enter their records or reports just because they don’t want to deal with them? How does that make you feel?
  9. Even with video evidence and simple facts such as “police officer kills man on street with illegal chokehold” officers still get pardoned or let off without any consequences. Even with a clear illegal act, officers get off, do you think this is wrong? Do you think police should get some leway just because they are officers? Or is it even worse because they are the ones that should be upholding up the law?
  10. On a scale of 1 to 10, in your opinion, do you feel police get away with stretching the law, meaning that they don’t always follow protocol?
  11. Do you know any police officials (Security guards, officers, chiefs, rangers, etc.)
  12. Whether you believe there is a problem or not, what would you suggest needs to be done to try and fix this problem?
  13. What type of ‘call to action’ would make you really want to go out and try and make a change for this problem?
  14. What do you think is the source of the problem? Not enough recognition for the officers for their job? Racial tensions? Superiority complex? Not enough training? Fear?

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