Thursday, February 12, 2015

Response to Resume Article

Since this not really an opinion based article I will just have to list of some fo the important things I picked up. The points made in this article are not opinion, they are fact. The only way they could be wrong would be by talking to the wrong person who is doing the hiring.

Resumes should definitely

  • include correct grammar
    • no one wants to hire someone who cannot spell or is prone to creating typos or losing that attention to detail that is sought after in the design world.
    • this is also why I try to avoid using conjunctions in general. You are is just as easy to write as you're, as is I am, in opposition to I'm.
  • be catered to the job you are applying for.
    • why not beef up the resume and cater it to the position you are applying for?
    • it makes seem more qualified for the job and can show how flexible you can be.
  • be true and honest
    • better be honest from the beginning instead of being caught in the act of of a lie. That is an easy way to be knocked off the list for a job.
  • be conceptual in its formatting
    • good format and layout shows a couple things.
      • you are not the same as everyone else.
      • have the ability to do layout and care for the way you present yourself
      • utilize legibility
  • be specific/exact dates
    • let people know at part of your life you were doing these jobs.
    • maybe you have grown or taken a change in your career path since your first internship.
    • maybe you have gotten better, maybe worse. but it is important to be specific.
  • not be too long
    • don't make your resume something crazy long and hard to get through.
  • include your skills.
    • let people now everything you are capable of!
    • you can tackle any job of any process if need be.

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