Thursday, February 12, 2015

Response to The Brand YOU

This article really gave me a good insight on what it means to be self -branded and successful by depending on you and you alone. Especially now that anyone anywhere can brand themselves or have a website to promote themselves. It is true that the websites you will trust are the ones that look the most professional, organized, and easy to get through. Ones that really provoke the viewer to dive deeper into the content and become curious about what they are looking for/at.

A big part of this article is power and believing in yourself. I feel like I fall short in that aspect. While my work can be bold and I stand by it, outside of class when I am on my own I find it hard to strut my stuff. I think that is something I could drastically improve on. making a resume is hard enough for me because I do not know what to include or what to brag about. It is important to seem confident in your work and in yourself which I think I just need to capitalize on more. It is true that loyalty is important when working at a company but the only way to be loyal to your colleagues, customers, projects, bosses, etc. is to be loyal to yourself i believe.

Something that makes me unique, which was a question sort of proposed in the article is that I believe I have a unique thought process and a slightly skewed view when coming into a project. I like to try a lot of different things, sometimes it might even be a technique or process that I don't even know how to do but that I will take that challenge and get it done if need be.

What do i want to be famous for? Geez. I like the idea of working in printmaking and show posters, as well as collage work. I think that I would like to have my day in sun at show posters and work for myself. At one point maybe end up as a creative director and release the reigns of design onto new and probably even better designers, and just try and give them direction.

"Branding tells all." A true quote from the article that is so true that it is undeniable. If you wear something then you are trying to be that something, or not be something else. I like wearing stuff that is plain, simple, single color. Mostly black or blue, I don't know what that means except that I might not be entirely readable just by the sight of what I wear.

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