Sunday, February 15, 2015


I would say that this guys name is Frank Yerling......sure why not

But Frank is a sports fan in St. Louis, he is 28 years old and graduated from Mizzou. He is an accountant and likes to keep up to date with different business deals around St. Louis, new businesses moving into the city, sports teams, local events, and enjoys going out to eat and also to some bars sometimes to enjoy the games with his friends.

Frank uses the STL Post Dispatch as a source for finding out news from all around the city and surrounding counties. Most people in St. Louis use this newspaper more than anything else. As for sports and larger business news Frank probably uses an ESPN app or something like that. But for St. Louis sports specifically, he most likely checks the post dispatch or personal websites of each team. 

Considering he is an accountant I would assume Frank will access the website from his desk or office, if not that then his smart phone. Being an accountant Frank has a good grip on Microsoft Office and uses a Windows, not a Mac. He is current though so has a smart phone and uses it often for stock updates. As most people who live in St. Louis, Frank subscribes to the Post Dispatch, so each morning he gets a newspaper but likes to check in later in the day for other updates that have not happened yet or might have happened later in the day. 

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