Thursday, February 12, 2015

Other Brand Mark Iterations

I would like to keep this design in play. I think it is unique and stands out. My fear is that it might be too distracting but refining can help that. As far as why it is conceptual and meaningful, (the challenge paul presented to me to find out) is that one of the main qualities of my designs is taking something old and making it my own, putting a new twist on it and looking at it with a new perspective. I think the skull and drippy typeface does that exactly.

This is something new I came up with. A simple C. I like the one with the outline and that is rotated downwards. I think this direction can be used in many ways, it is not distracting, clean and professional looking, easy to get and can be learned fairly quickly. Also I like the ways it can be manipulated by repetition to create more movement, which I think also reflects my work. While I play with grids and structure I like to create movement through patterns and color. This has potential to become a pattern of its own. 

This is me trying to play around a little bit more with an earlier direction. For now I am seeing how it works out with just the C, kind of combining my earlier iteration with the simplicity I went for in one of my new direction.

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