Friday, February 6, 2015

Mood Boards, Sketches, etc

For my mood boards I did two, one more midwest, vintage, colorful, vector, music, etc based. I really love the colors that happen here, especially purples and pinks, as well as orange reds and yellows. I think that the midwest is a very warm color area. For my other one I did a more modern, dynamic, clean, and "designerly" look. A pretty pale color palette, it is pretty monotone. But that doesn't mean color can't be brought into it!

I really enjoy this sort of old fashioned cartoon face of me. It seems kind of timeless and does not really hold me down to a specific style or area of design. It is a first draft so more can be done but I did a couple different versions of him and i think he could be applied in many ways. It is approachable and fun, and with a cigar or wink I think it is that much more fun. It has some classic heavy typewriter type that is also not intimidating, as well as some classic patch elements like circles and stars. 

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