Thursday, February 19, 2015

Info Arch: Collection Ideas

I have a couple of different things that I have a multitude of. I guess they can be considered collections, but I never really considered it collecting. Mostly just buying more than one of the same thing. Because I don't really call myself a collector of anything but turns out I do have collections of things. Either way, the list....

Hawaiian Shirts
     I have a good amount of Hawaiian shirts and I have always loved wearing them and showing them off. Plus plenty of my friends have Hawaiian shirts as well, so gathering a collection of these wouldn't be a problem. This also gives me a reason to use bright colors, patterns, and flowers all in one project, which are all things that I love.

Vinyl Records
     Vinyl records are awesome and have a quality that you don't get on an mp3. I really don't mind the grainy sound. But this is a pretty generic topic and has been done before. But if I chose this direction I would get to deal with hi[p-hop material and also a lot of color and quote lyrics potential.

      I have had a rock/mineral collection for as long as I can remember. It is definitely my first collection. I have used these in a project before though, plus the topic has already been done before. So I don't know about this one, I think that photography, scanning, and placement would be fun to mess with in this direction though.

     I didn't realize it, but I have a lot of posters.....So maybe I can do that.

Flash Comic Books
     Flash is by far my favorite superhero. I have a large amount of flash comics. Going this way would be fun because of imagery and style. I would get to mess around with classic red yellow and blue, and large bold wording and colors as well. Going in this direction would be helpful in a sense that I already have a color scheme, style, and content sort of laid out for me.

    I have been collecting shot glasses for a long time now. They are back in STL though, but if I go in this direction it wouldn't be hard to acquire them and the two cases that I have them in. This direction has potential for some seriously cool imagery, themes, photography and arrangement. My dad traveled a lot for his job and would bring me back one from every state he went to. I almost have all 50.

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