Thursday, February 12, 2015

Artist Statement/Beginning Language

I have whipped up two different artist statements.

When sitting down to create work I like to do some background research first. The work overall takes something that can be normal or boring and some pop to it. Bright colors, patterns, grids, and a combination of opposing imagery are all things that I like to think
about when creating my work. Taking something normal, out-dated, or old and trying to
add a new modern day twist to it and give it extra life is something I strive to do as well.
It could be looked at as “new old school.”

Old fashioned imagery mixed with a playful and modern look is a brief way to describe
some of my work. When dealing with each new project I like to do some deep background
research and try to pick out some unique facts or information that might not always be
brought up but is still important to the concept. When adding these new twists on old
concepts I like to bring in bright color, patterns, grids, and an overall playfulness that might
look almost rebellious when being compared to the normal view.

I think I am leaning towards my second statement. It seems more cohesive and conceptual. I also went through some of my work and pulled out some examples of work that back up the statement and process/outcome that I have when creating work.

Examples of new twists on old concepts
Dick Dale 45 sleeve - old surf rock band brought back to life with bright red and yellow
vibrating patterns and modernized wave.

Minnesota timeline - a timeline that is not a straight line. Music over 20 years old brought
brought back with bright cyan and yellow and some unique typefaces.

Karel Martens Lecture poster - super old fashioned designer/printer Karel Martens mixed with
  current photography methods, bright CMYK color palette and
  some clean sans serif typography.

Try Me Sauces Rebrand - old style pinup girls branded onto hot sauce as “hot models”

Jupiter typeface - vintage western film photography mixed with futuristic space imagery.
    “space cowboyesque” paired with bright vibrant colors.

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