Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Artist Bio and Statement

Artist Bio

Chris Meier is a Midwest graphic designer from St. Louis living in Kansas City, studying at the Kansas City Art Institute. Chris has had multiple internships and freelance work experience in many different fields. His style incorporates taking old fashioned imagery and combining it with a fresh and current view. Bright colors,patterns, grids, and tenacity are all involved in his work. During his time as a graphic designer Chris has worked with others in collaboration, under and alongside professionals, and also for himself.

Artist Statement

Old fashioned imagery mixed with a playful and modern look is a brief way to describe
some of my work. When dealing with each new project I like to do some deep background
research and try to pick out some unique facts or information that might not always be
brought up but is still important to the concept. When adding these new twists on old
concepts I like to bring in bright color, patterns, grids, and an overall playfulness that might

look almost rebellious when being compared to the normal view.

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