Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Short/Long Term Goals

I have always thought/worried about my future career as a graphic designer. Sometimes it is scary to try and think about that and take on the responsibility of starting your life after college.

Short Term Goals:

1. Graduate
2. Create an at home studio so that I do not have to rely on someone else for printing, scanning,               materials, tools, resources, etc. Over break me and my friend were supposed to fix up my swing         press but he never made it up to KC.
3. Get 2-3 more internships before I graduate.
4. Screen print, letterpress, draw more. Basically get back into more analogue processes and then find     creative ways to relate that to design and bring it into the computer.

Long Term Goals:

1. Quick and comfortable job out of college, something to get my by so I don't stress about money or     work or anything. During that job I would be looking for working or improving my portfolio.
2. Move out to Minnesota for a while, or just a new city in general. But Minnesota has a great                 music/art scene and feels like a good place to start.
3. Help improve St. Louis through graphic design and social change. Through awareness of how the       crime rate, employment rate, and overall feel of the city can be improved.
4. Eventually end up as a free lance artist or start my own little firm starting with a group of 5-7               people and seeing what happens from there.

People I Would Like to Work for:

ilovedust - - mostly typography, print, and poster creation.

Burlesque of North America - - typography, printmaking, screenprinting, music posters, apparel, and merch

Firecracker Press - - press in St. Louis based with relief carving, typography and letterpress, and poster creation.

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