Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Response and Thoughts to Articles

What Screens Want,

I think that a lot of good points are brought up in reference to where design and technology has been, where it is going, and the importance of some of the things we do not normally think about when it comes to the tools we use. In particular, software.  I have always personally gotten excited about new versions of software, to see what's new, how to work it, can I do things faster now? Is it more compatible? Or did they just fail and take a step backwards? I think Microsoft more than Apple had trouble redesigning software, they did not make it look the exact same way, especially with Windows 7 and taking that big step into looking for sleek and transparent.

I like Franks' point on skeuoumorphs and how it is ok to change the shape of the container, but it should not be determined on what it is becoming. Such as he mentions when talking about flat design.

I enjoy how he finally relates this idea of change and advancement into flux and interactions on screen. It is true that we overlook the small changes that happen or that can happen on or screens or within our software and devices. Whether it's scrolling, shaking, shifting, turning, or resizing, change/flux is everywhere.

New York Times

I basically just found this article insightful and relevant when it comes to web design. It is crazy how much can be looked at and all the elements that go into a redesign. It's important to consider every aspect because if all do not work cohesively then the website will fail. I think it is important to make sure everything works well, I feel like if only one thing doesn't work well then that one thing will be highly noticeable and annoying, making it seem worse than it is.


I think that this was a super informational article, it really made me consider what to think about when doing this website redesign and the importance of following rules. It is hard for design to look bad when designs are followed. Designers made the rules so details would look right, good rules for good looks!

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