Thursday, January 29, 2015

Frank Chimero Response

I think that this whole article speaks true to designers. He doesn't really side with one completely but rather gives his opinions on what works and ways to stay inspired. I really like his idea of keeping two books on the night stand that are opposite genres. A way to explore to realms of things, which I also think is important when dealing with a client, so you can understand where they are coming from and where you want them to be.

It is super important to accept failure and to build from the bottom up I believe. If you cannot take criticism or failure then I don't think design is the place for you. No one hits the mark on their first try every single time. Sometimes you get lucky but usually not.

"If you meet a person who cares about the same obscure things you do, hold on to them for dear life. Sympathy is medicine."

I think that this quote pretty much explains itself and is super important to have someone who can be real with you on different levels. People who like the same area of music or hip hop as I do are important to me. For the music, the conversation, the support, the etc.

I find it true that important things happens at tables. It is a undeniable meeting place that cannot be avoided. If you are sitting, its usually by a table, and we spend a lot of our days sitting as designers.

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