Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 jobs

Garmin Intern -
  • KC
  • I think Garmin would be fun to do an internship at because they are a fun and exciting company that is committed to exploring and taking things one step further. I feel like the content I would get to work with would be interesting and different from what you would find at a company that is strictly design.

Hallmark Intern -
  • KC
  • Hallmark is always a good starting place for artists I think. It can open you up to different fields of design and illustration. 

The Dieline -,1&job_id=61383
  • LA
  • packaging has always interested me when done right. I like the process of making mockups too so you can know what exactly needs to be fixed. Depending on the product your working with, there is so much you can do with packaging too, there is always a new way to be innovative.

  • KC

Butchershop Creative, Front End Web Developer - ://
  • San Fran
  • Not sure if could be their front end web developer just yet but the company has a good company motto and design goals. 
Idea Couture -
  • Toronto

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