Friday, November 21, 2014

Self Crit on Interactive

I think for the first time tackling the idea of user experience it didn't go so bad. I think that overall the execution was good and well received, I wish we had more time to refine, maybe one more class period or week. I think that we had some stuff we didn't have time to refine or stuff that we missed, a lot of technicalities. 

Like I said earlier we had some technical issues and I know we could/should have fixed them. Our audio needs to be leveled out, and some 3d camera work as well. One big issue we had was the speed of the whole presentation. These are all simple fixes, so I am not going to hapr on them too much, but in a sense all these little things add up and need to be fixed, without any of those little bugs I think our final would have been stronger. 

But as an idea, and it being usable and user friendly it works, I can still see how there is confusion from the initial screen but I think that curious travelers would catch on. 

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