Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mock and Apllication

I chose this color scheme mostly because it is a warm color palette that reflects the peppers and also the sauces themselves. I might change the colors slightly depending on taste or spicyness. I tried to give each sauce it's own type face for the name and the same for the middle. I am leaning towards the pin up girl direction, I tried two different applications, one was totally digital with photoshop going over a outline I drew. The second (the cowgirl) I took the figure of the pinup to a light table, then shaded it, added a different outfit, and also colored in. I think the second method worked better, especially when tinkered with in photoshop and sized down. 


  1. I agree with you on going in the direction of the pin up girls, its a nice contrast to the typeface and color scheme - which i think works well with sauce. The cowgirl rendition is much nicer and pops out more than the digital version, it also feels more organic and relates to the texture in the background. I would watch that yellow on the cajun sauce because it gets lost, some contrast would do it justice.

    Also - this looks like it would work well in screen print, with your color scheme and the overlay. is that where you're planing on taking this? if not i think it wouldn't be a bad idea to consider.

    Over all i think the direction your going in is working well with your product!

  2. Typo. In the description on the back of "zesty" and "Yucatan" you forgot a space between "tame" and "their." The three descriptions should either be the same or all different. It looks like you started rewriting new copy? The smaller amount of tex on "Cajun" might be better as to not overwhelm, but you'll want it more centered.

    I like the irony of the Yucatan lable being brighter than the sun, but it can sort of only work once, not for a series.

    The interaction between the girl and the type is a must, and in a feminist theory way, having her face is too. The girl being covered up by spicy can't see us, so it has a bit of a voyeuristic feel. I know you wanted to be carful of that sort of thing.