Friday, November 7, 2014

10 Sketches

These two would be geared towards quality, and an example of what the sauce might be used for. a photo realistic sketch of the actual intended seasoned item. This would be geared towards Chef, someone who wants quality products and an honest company.

Realistic sketches of peppers, a variety or mix if you will, much like the TryMe brand claims is in their sauces. This would be an honest approach to the advertisement. Could be more geared towards Sid, someone who wants to know what kinds of food they are eating. 

Inviting, friendly, non-intimidating. A different approach to the hot sauce business I think. Most of the time companies want their sauce to be the hottest thing around, but this one is for the family, a neutral and good tasting sauce that will be liked by all. 

Message quality, and appealing to each flavor individually. This series could be for anyone, it just depends on what type of person you are! It makes an appeal and almost emotional one towards the customer, a fitting sauce for their personality. 

The type overlay is a mix of message quality, imagination, and like-ability. An inviting design with a couple of layered elements gives the buyer more of an experience in reading the label, therefor getting more out of it. An intimidating word or flavorful word followed by a mostly positive word. 

A different look at the idea of hot. Pinup girls are a stereotype for good looking girls, especially in a more vintage sense. This brings back a feeling of old times, maybe appeals to an older crowd. Imagery like this can sell based off of artistic approach and consideration, sex appeal, or just a collectors series if you want every bottle. 

Classic sketch and type around it version. A simple, reliable, and trustworthy sauce. It shows the peppers, the name and brand, and gives you the idea of a pepper sauce instead of a hot sauce. More flavor is assumed this way.

Regional sketches, based off of the area mentioned on the label. I feel like people would be interested or proud that they are from Tennessee and have the Tennessee sauce, and other places as well. 

Same as above, each sun appeals to a certain culture.

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