Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Progress, Koenig

Some progress for my Koenig book, House NO. 3 is still in rough stages, as is 4. I am hitting on the old style home feel of mid century styles. Using old wallpaper designs, patterns and colors to try and bring out that style and vibe. I also want my type and image placement to feel structured though like Koenig's houses. I want to do it simply though with linear line ups and square/rectangle dominant frames. 

I feel it is important though to maintain some sort of loose and playful feel. I have strayed a little bit from the grid, taking each page and house a bit differently, almost like designing each spread as a poster instead of book spread, it seems to make more sense to me and I think my compositions have improved since thinking of them as that. Breaking the grid is how I plan to get across the feeling of playful, loose, and creative, as well as color palette. Don't want to go overboard though, so mostly it will be some slight overlaps, opacity changes, and also some pictures going out of the bleed area. 

Fears, is it getting to busy??

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