Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Sid Lucifer

  • Sid is a 26 year old weight lifter living in the Midwest. He takes things to the extreme. Weight lifting, hiking, biking, skydiving, entering food competitions and restaurant challenges, etc. He always wants to take things to the max and to the next level. Even his food! Making a good income from all the adventurous and promotional work he does for Red Bull and other stunt and proactive companies, he has the luxury of buying some of the best tasting food. But he needs the spicy yet flavorful taste of hot sauce and seasonings.
  • Javi is a 22 year old who lives in Texas. He is originally from Mexico, moving to Texas to attend college on a scholarship. He misses home often but is close enough to still experience some of the culture and food. Having a decent income from a part time job but still needing to be frugal due to he is just a college student, Javi must get the most bang for his buck when it comes to rich and flavorful food. 
Chef LeRoux 
  • LeRoex is a 34 year old chef from Louisiana. Known for catering to having the taste of gourmet food but for an affordable price. He is a man of the people. Supportive of the culture and food that is served in Louisiana. He uses food that is only produced in Louisiana and also is known for over seasoning or saucing his food. 

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