Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Narrative Reflection

Explain your process/tools for this project. Analog? Sound?

Video 1: I used video as my main imagery for this video, it was a process of shooting and then reshooting one more time to get the right mix of video. I then took that video and based my type off the movement and positions of the video. I briefly had in mind what I wanted to do but things always change during the process. As for sound, I bounced around a lot from sound effects to actual songs. I ended up going with an actual song just because it meshed better and lightened the mood of the dingy dark feel.

Video 2: I used type and sound. Through AE I was able to pair the beats of the song to quick and impactful transitions.

Does your project communicate the feel of Stein's work?

I think they do. They both have a lighter feel to them, the first video was dark at first but the last minute song decision really lightened it up. Especially with the upbeat and louder drums, along with her finally climbing the stairs into a bright light out of the darkness. I feel that Stein's poetry is gentle and soft. It is not in your face or anything like that. The second video was simple, black and white, with simple transitions. The transitions were simple but also special in the way that they interacted with the sound and good timing. Stein's poetry flows from alliteration to rhyme to subtle nuances. Such as making the music softer when the 3D goes into the word "surrounding" in my video.

What did you learn about yourself through this project?

I learned to be a little more patience and how to work with video much better. That was probably the trickiest part, learning how to edit video and work with it in AE. I had previous experience with sound and type but not with video.

Does it apply to future work?

Of course it will, especially this year, it seems were working a lot in AE and really exploring everything we can do with it. As well as potential jobs, mock ups, and proposals these skills can come in handy.

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  1. Delve deeper to find take aways beyond learning AE. Edit your response to remove run on sentences and typos. Taking a second to edit your writing strengthens your communication. Your writing style undermines your content.