Tuesday, September 30, 2014


From too simple all the way to too complex. I cannot decide whether to simply transfer my poster to a pamphlet or to make it completely different. I see potential with some type arrangements but not sure on the imagery itself. I like the split face, I feel that it gives another sense of depth or layering. It is a bit more abstract and moving instead of being put in the middle of the page. I also need some feedback on how crazy (color wise) to get with the type. 


  1. I like the first one where the multiple images are overlapping, it really adds to the dream feeling. I think the dark text is really harsh and takes away from the soft colors in your image, which might hurt your concept a bit. I like that youre playing around with the text outside of your imagery but I dont think it has as strong of an impact as your original text placement. I think because someone can spend a little more time with the pamphlet you could get funky with text colors, but maybe stay with a lighter palate, in the 3rd one my eyes goes right to the dark purple letters.