Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My 10

The 10-12 poems
  • breakfast
  • eggs
  • lunch
  • single fish
  • dinner
  • salad
  • eating
  • chicken x4

It was difficult to try and match these poems up and find a certain theme that I wanted to follow. I decided to do my best and try to connect the poems through food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, are the three mail meals of the day. Eggs, a single fish, and chicken are all courses for those meals. Cooking and Eating are both involved with the general process of meals. It was really difficult trying to find SOME sort of connection between Stein's poems but it proved more difficult than originally thought. I am not entirely confident about these but I think if I dive in I can make a cohesive poetry book.

As far as typefaces go I would like to go with something simple like Garamond or a mix between multiple serif types.

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