Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Britta feedback


First of all, I fucking love it. It's a cool story, cool concept, cool everything. I dig what you got going. Here are my thoughts:

-I LOVE the purple color scheme. The transparency with that uber saturated color is my fave. I think that's the best representation of the dreamy effect, because everything is so vivid. You nailed it with the purp. It looks like you just got a hazy yellowy creamy color in the back and I dig that too. It pops the purple but gives it the etherial look you're going for. Side note, you could do this same concept with super saturated cyan and see how that looks. I also really like the green color scheme. It blends nicely and I agree that it's more organic and free forming. 

- I'm not a huge fan of the date and time curved under his chin. It loses its prominence and its kind of important info. I like how you had it in the green one. Tying the type in with the color scheme (like on the green one) makes the piece look a little more wholesome, if that makes sense... it looks like it works together as a whole. Having it in a separate color creates separation between the info and the piece itself.

- I like futura. In this particular situation, I'm not feeling the serif (the last one). Also, I'm iffy on Code for this piece (the typeface in the red one)... I'm still Team Futura.

- I like both text orientations you got going on. Both could work. I'm leaning slightly away from the center alignment just because the others are so fun(: but I like them both. Also I'd keep the opacity low on that... I like it being part of the piece instead of super duper standing out. 

- I like the white stroke you have happenin with your shapes but I think I like it more subtle. You had it thicker in some than in others and I like the thinner versions. You know I'm all about that white stroke life ;)

- I don't like the text curving over his glasses n shtuff. It gets a little lost and I think it needs to be more prominent.

Tie for First: The Purple and The Green
Second: The Orange background with Teal text
Third: The Orange background with serif
Fourth: the red

IF you use the red: (I personally think he doesn't pop enough but whatevs) make sure you bleed the black bar on the left
IF you use the multi-hue with teal text: I'd pop the R and H from hersch above the facial features but still behind the glasses. I'd also put the R in fred behind the glasses. So you still get multi-dimensional, but still feel like his facial features are actually on his face. 

Overall I like the more monochromatic ones the best. But I like the use of red/brown on the green one. And I think you should try the same concept with cyan to see if you like it. And I LOVE your use of shape and color and texture. Nailed it, homie.

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