Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Lots of different possibilites for the billboard. I like the closer details of the hair but need some more supporting imagery so the viewer knows what they are getting into. Also as far as type goes, I see some potential once again. But it seems a little bit dull. I don't want it to go too crazy though, mostly because of the context. I don't think people driving by on the highway are going to have time to try and figure out under and overlapping type. So I tried to add color and composition but not make it too crazy.

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  1. I like the iterations where you went a little more abstract with the imagery. It's hinting at the poster without giving it all away. It could be a nice reveal for someone who went to see the show. I think having the text separate from the imagery is a good idea for the billboard. you have a pamphlet iteration where the text has a 3D effect. I think you might be able to incorporate that into the billboard, It could add some interest to the text, and I dont think it would be too hard to read while driving by.