Monday, September 22, 2014

A Blue Coat


  1. SUPER CREEPY BUT AWESOME - wish she was barefoot.
    There's a part in the middle where the text moves too fast and i didn't even catch what it said at all so maybe timing considerations. Otherwise, it definitely has a mood to it and i think music would enhance that.

    I like the blur effect on the video. The camera angles are nice too. Maybe you can bring up the resolution on some parts of the video, that might help. Also the part that has "is the particular" the movement is a lil awkward right there. But everything else is GOODSHIT!

  3. I mainly enjoyed the video version and wonder why you aren't doing the same with the other video. I think that would make them look more like a set, which at the same time might allow you to integrate typography that moves with the environment of those videos. In the video with the girl I really felt immersed in that scenario which I think reinforces and adds so much more to the subject than just type being guided by geometric shapes. Great progress, keep having fun bub.