Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 directions

The keys at the top are extending down and off the page to show flow and direction in his music, I'd like to go back and clean up the strokes and also add color or some sort of detail/texture. As well as a more creative descent from top to bottom of the page. I tried mixing straight and curved lins to show a variation in his music as well. The trouble I am having is the type placement, maybe if it gets incorporated in the keys themselves.

The face shows the emotion and variation in his music as well. A combination of emotions and thoughts make up the music of fred hersch. I also think the shapes sort of form what would what be "thoughts" or "dreams." Which fits well with his newest music, songs about his coma.

The last one is a combination of the instruments in the trio to show the team work and cohesiveness of the trio. I think that with some more work on blending or a more analogue approach this poster could be very successful.

None of these are final imagery, but steps towards it!

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