Friday, September 5, 2014

16 refinements

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  1. Hi Chris-Stofffer,

    I can really see the thoughts behind your ideas in your drawings, very clear. The tangled fingers is a first impression design to me that sticks out, I wonder if you do with with an actual persons hand as a photo series of 3 posters with all of the trios instruments. The 3 notes drawing, is somewhat interesting, yet maybe think about how the actual notes look from score-sheets of music. Also maybe push in some personification with the faces of the trio. The suit with replaced head is a very good option, I would think. It portraits his past from his comma and how inspiration/insane his story is, look at working on what to put in front of his face though :) ALSO, the molecular structure idea? ( think thats what it is) Is also a really good direction and I think could be pushed in an interesting way, look at how the cells activate from memory and activity to create a jazzy improvisational and colorful feeling of some sort.