Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Trope Definitions

personification - human applications or qualities are applied to inatimate object in order to make it more personable in a sense.

hyperbole - an exaggeration of an object, whether it be its use or the actual object itself. Exaggeration can include size, purpose, meaning, or importance. 

pun - when a word, object, can be applied to multiple meanings and vice versa. 

antithesis - when two contrasting ideas are involved in the same composition. Two different meanings are interacting at the sam time.

irony - when a literal meaning is confused due to confusing imagery. 

metonomy - when one idea stands for another. This can only happen when there is a connection between the two different words or meanings.

synechdoche - a part of something represents a whole or vice versa. For instance a wheel of a bike can stand for different types of wheels and/or even other types of bikes.

metaphor - a comparison of two objects that share similar qualities. The two objects don't have to look the same but the qualities must be, then, a fusion of two different objects can be formed.

parody - making fun or a play off of an already popular term, objet, company etc. 

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